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We have the best oil for your 2 and 4 stroke golf carts available for the engine and rear ends including electric golf cart rear ends.


Most EZ-Go, Yamaha and Club car golf carts require the use of a 10w30 motor oil for the engines. In most cases they also require an SAE 30 for the rear differentials. Amsoil Formula Four Stroke is perfect for both of these applications.  This is a versatile oil that you can use on the entire golf cart.  This saves money only needing to keep one oil around for your golf cart maintenance.  Also you can use this oil for any other small 4 stroke engines in your garage.


AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Small Engine Oil (ASE) is a robust formulation designed for ASEhot-temperature, severe-service operation of small engines where routine maintenance is often difficult or infrequent. It is formulated with premium synthetic base oils.  Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil is a commercial-grade lubricant that helps reduce maintenance costs through superior engine protection.

  • Resists Heat and Reduces Oil Consumption
    AMSOIL engineered Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil to withstand the high temperatures of hard working engines. It effectively resists oxidation and oil vaporization to control oil thickening and reduce oil consumption. AMSOIL Small Engine Oil lasts longer in service than conventional oils and keeps engines clean for peak operating efficiency.


  • Excellent For Transmission Systems
    AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil is a shear stable formulation that contains no friction modifiers. It will not break down during rigorous mechanical activity, making it ideal for hydraulic or hydrostatic systems and chain cases. It is wet clutch compatible and designed to prevent clutch slippage in commercial or recreational transmissions. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Small Engine Oil protects gears and bearings during high-demand, commercial duty service.


  • Superior Protection
    AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil is formulated with high levels of premium antiwear and detergent additive technology. It provides severe service protection of pistons, bearings and gears and effectively neutralizes acids from combustion by-products prone to small engines. Anti-rust additives further protect equipment during storage or infrequent use.



Some golf carts may specify using only 80W90 fluids in their rear ends. Always your manufacturer’s recommendations for specific viscosity’s and use Amsoil Synthetic 80W-90 Gear Lube in this case.

AMSOIL 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube is a multi-functional product designed to surpass the requirements of equipment and automotive applications calling for an SAE 80W-90 viscosity grade.  AMSOIL 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube prevents wear, resists heat, and protects gears. It lasts longer in service than conventional gear oils and increases equipment life.






We haven’t forgot about the 2 stroke golf carts out there. For these carts we have the Synthetic 2-Stroke AIOinjector oil





AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil reduces wear and maximizes engine life. Its high lubricity and reliable film strength help protect against piston scuffing and bearing wear.







Don’t forget to grease your steering parts these are often overlooked and if greased regularly can preventGPOR2 you from spending money on costly repairs.





AMSOIL Off-Road Grease has the ability to tenaciously stay in place and provide maximum pound-out resistance over extended service intervals, even in wet environments.





As always be sure to check your manufacturer’s recommendations for lubricant types and viscosity and to follow them.  If you don’t see your specific lubricant mentioned chances are Amsoil has your product.



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