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Get started for as little as $50


Start a Home based business in Holland MI and create some new tax write offs.  Maybe you want to make some extra cash? Or find a new income you would be a great fit for Amsoil.  Its not going to get you rich quick or make you easy money but with some hard work you could turn it into a career.  Maybe you just want to make a little extra money to pay for your Amsoil products for your personal vehicles, that’s fine to.  That’s the beauty of being a Amsoil dealer you can take it whatever direction you want.  Amsoil handles all the shipping and commissions for you which leaves you with more time to sell.

No territories no inventory requirements. You don’t even have to stock a single quart of oil if you don’t want to, you just sign your customers up in the area they apply and they can order directly from Amsoil and earn you commission. You can take this as far as you want it’s possible to make a living if you so desire, some people just want to make enough to cover their oil expenses for their own vehicle. That’s OK to. You are only out $50 bucks!

I recommend starting in a specific area of interest that appeals to you. Some people are in to motorcycles so for that, learn the products that apply to motorcycles and you can then go sell in that specific area.  Or maybe your interested in Diesel engines or snowmobiles the same approach can be taken here, doesn’t matter what you choose but you just need a starting point. This is how multiple Amsoil dealers can survive in one area most all find a niche that they feel comfortable with. Start out with what you know and you can eventually work in more products as you grow.

The beauty of this is you can start this in your home or garage and have zero overhead

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Who would I be selling to?

Commercial Accounts:

This is going to be trucking companies, excavators, plumbers, electricians, etc
This will include any business’s that can benefit from less downtime and increased vehicle life from using Amsoil products.

Parts stores, small engine shops, auto repair, atv shops, etc.

You’ll earn a commission on everything they order for their business’s. They make their money on the markup. When accounts order $300 or more they get free shipping and get listed on the Amsoil locator online.

Preferred customer:

This is anybody that uses Amsoil for personal use friends, neighbors, whoever.  Your customers will sign up with either a $10 6 month plan or a $20 12 month plan. This is just like buying a Sam’s or Costco membership, they sign up and they get all products at wholesale pricing. Again, here you get commissions on what they buy.  PC’s earn points towards there future purchases and receive exclusive promotions.

$50 per year.

There is no other sales model is devoted to advertising as much as Amsoil is, whether through racing or even TV commercials which there are talks of a lot more of this in the future.
All commissions are tracked and payed directly to you from the Amsoil corporation. They handle the majority of the paperwork of it all which leaves you more time to sell.




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