Best V-twin oil




Best V-twin oil

The dyno test:


Is your Harley V-twin over heating? Take a look at this if your v-twin is running hot.

This test was done at the Amsoil test facilities on their dyno.  They used a 2012 Harley Street Bob with an air cooled V-Twin.  For this test there was no airflow provided to the engine, all of the safe guards to protect engine from overheating were removed.  During the test they actually got it so hot the oil melted a couple low oil pressure sensors.  The dyno test was ran several times before they drained the oil for samples. 


When they drained the oil they actually melted the plastic sample bottles normally used for oil sample collection.  Normal operating temperatures for a V-Twin are anywhere from 280 to 300 degrees F.  During this dyno run they brought temperatures up to 549 degrees F.  Oil analysis was done and showed after that beating the oil took the viscosity remained the same.  The oil actually held up so well that you could put it back in the motorcycle for continued use.  Take a look for yourself and see why Amsoil has the best V-twin oil.




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Why Synthetic?

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