Month: November 2019

Should I Warm Up My Car In The Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and that means temperatures below freezing and the dreaded routine of starting up an ice-cold car in the morning. It’s tempting to turn the key or hit the remote starter and let it sit

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How To Improve Winter Gas Mileage

I’m one of those meticulous people who obsessively tracks fuel economy. I keep an Excel spreadsheet where I’ve kept fuel-economy data for my car since I bought it. Fun fact: My 1998 Corolla has averaged 35.05 mpg since I’ve owned it. However, each

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Preferred Customer Promotional Offer Effective Nov. 19-26

Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and Save Preferred Customers will receive a new, limited-time promotional offer on Tuesday, Nov. 19. P.C.s who order $75 in AMSOIL products receive a free bottle of AMSOIL P.i.® This offer is effective from 9

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Why Do Engines Burn Oil

While it’s natural to assume any oil consumption indicates an engine problem, it can be a normal part of engine operation, depending on the vehicle. In fact, Chrysler considers oil consumption of up to one quart every 500-2,000 miles to

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Amsoil Horse Power Gains

The advantages of synthetic lubricants are well established. The fact that most motor oil companies today offer a full-synthetic oil is evidence of what AMSOIL has long known: synthetic lubricants deliver the long-term protection and performance auto enthusiasts desire better

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