Month: October 2019

Prevent Diesel Gelling

We diesel burners get a little more uptight in the winter over what comes out of the green-handle pump at the fuel station. Diesel owners know that winter can mean diesel fuel gelling. That’s when diesel fuel freezes, rendering our

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Valvoline VR1 RACING vs. AMSOIL VROD, AMO 10W-40, Racing, ETC.

Considering Valvoline’s VR1 Racing for your Favorite Classic Driver? In various forums and Facebook I see this one come up as the best choice for reliable ZDDP amounts. But it’s not just the wrong product, it doesn’t offer eye-opening overall

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Free Shipping for Preferred Customers

AMSOIL Preferred Customers now get free shipping on orders of $100 or more ($130 Canada), helping you save even more. Orders below those thresholds pay a flat shipping rate of $8.99 ($11.99 Canada). FREE SHIPPING FAQs Does my P.C. membership renewal count

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Become an Amsoil Dealer

Being a member of the AMSOIL Preferred Customer programs allows you to pay lower prices on superior lubricants, fuel additives and filtration products for your vehicles and equipment. Being an AMSOIL Dealer has even more advantages. An AMSOIL Dealership is

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Amsoil Warranty

Maybe you’ve heard of powersports or automotive dealerships pressuring people into buying the manufacturer’s brand of parts or lubricants to avoid losing their factory warranty. It may have happened to you. If so, it probably left a bad taste in

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