Month: September 2019

Oil Sludge Buildup (best defense here)

The health of your engine depends on motor oil circulating quickly and efficiently through the system, but sticking components and obstructed passages inhibit motor oil from lubricating, cooling and protecting your engine. Engine “sludge” occurs when oxidized oil and contaminants

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Motor Oil Cold Flow

Engineers agree that most engine wear occurs during cold starts. While the exact percentage depends on several factors and is difficult to define, the reasons include the following… A richer air/fuel mixture at startup washes oil from the cylinder walls Condensation forms inside

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Toyota ‘Workhorse’ Clocks More Than 500,000 Miles

Real World Amsoil Test Preferred Customer Brock Fraser of Las Vegas counts on his 1998 Toyota Tacoma to keep his business on the road. “This is a pickup I use primarily for work,” Fraser said. “I own a commercial printing

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Amsoil EA Oil FIlters

Efficient Oil Filter To provide you with more high-efficiency filter options, we have expanded our Ea Oil Filter (EAO, EA15K) line to include seven new cartridge-style filters. Ea Oil Filters provide a perfect pairing for the superior protection and performance provided by

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A Closer Look at Bypass Filtration

Amsoil’s Bypass System offers top of the line protection. Bypass oil filtration features a secondary filter with the purpose of eliminating nearly all contaminants from engine oil. Bypass filters have high capacities and eliminate much smaller particles than full-flow filters.

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