Month: August 2019

Signature Series cleans up the competition

In general, the higher an oil’s TBN, the better its ability to neutralize contaminants such as combustion by-products and acidic materials. Higher TBN oils neutralize a greater amount of acidic material, which results in longer oil life and cleaner engines.

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AMSOIL Keeps BMW* on the Road for Nearly 20 Years

For more than 18 years, Preferred Customer Ilya Moshenskiy of Redmond, Wash. has trusted AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to keep his 1998 BMW on the road.  “I’m a long-term customer. (I’ve) personally put over 400k miles in the driver seat,” Moshenskiy

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UTV Torture Test

Sometimes getting the job done means pushing your UTV to its limits. You know you shouldn’t load the bed over capacity or lay into the gas to pull that stubborn stump from the ground. But you do it anyway –

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Diesel Fuel Injector Problems

It feels like forever ago, but it’s only been 13 years since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated reduced sulfur content in diesel fuel, in 2006. Boy, were people angry. They knew sulfur helped protect their fuel pump and

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How Engine Sludge Forms. And How To Prevent It.

How engine sludge forms Engine sludge is the result of a series of chemical reactions. The lubricant degrades as it is exposed to oxygen and elevated temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more rapid the rate of degradation. In fact,

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